SubrogationWhat Is Subrogation?

When one party takes on the legal rights and obligations of another, it is referred to as subrogation. The term subrogation means “one party stands in the place of another”, and is most commonly used in insurance claims and child support matters.

Why Would An Insurance Company File A Subrogation Claim?

Insurance companies file claims against at-fault drivers to recoup the money they have paid to their insured. This protects them and their insured from paying losses that weren’t their fault. It also allows the injured individual to be quickly and fairly compensated for their losses.

When the insurance company pursues a case against the responsible party to recover these funds, they are acting in place of their insured. This entitles them to the same rights as the individual, and they will construct their claim in accordance with the legal resources associated with the incident.

If an insurance company files a subrogation claim against you under these circumstances, it has the same effect as if the injured party filed the claim, and you will need a subrogation defense attorney who can guide you through each step of this process.

Why Would A Government Agency File A Subrogation Claim?

Subrogation also arises in the context of child support. In cases where one parent isn’t paying child support, the other parent must apply for welfare assistance (such as food stamps). The government could then seek reimbursement from the delinquent child support payer for the benefits paid to the other parent.

Why Work With A Subrogation Law Firm?

Having the oversight and expertise that an experienced attorney from Lustgarten Law provides is essential to protect your legal welfare.

Seeking guidance from an expert in subrogation claims law will ensure that you have the resources necessary to defend your rights and offer legal protection.

Whatever your legal needs may be, our firm stands ready to help you make educated decisions about the situation at hand. We will work with you personally to ensure that every aspect of your legal needs are being met so that you can move forward toward a sustainable resolution.

Lustgarten Law is here to help you resolve your subrogation matters with confidence and professionalism. Get started with a proactive legal strategy by contacting our firm today!

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