Welcome To Lustgarten Law

Passionate counsel, clear advice, serious results.

Welcome To Lustgarten Law

Passionate counsel, clear advice, serious results.

Lustgarten Law focuses on Personal Injury and Family Law, which helps families put their lives back together and start the next chapter. As a firm, we focus on these specific sections of the legal landscape, so everyone listens when we speak for you.

In times of severe emotional distress, it is vital to turn to someone you can rely on, who has the experience and resources necessary to counsel and guide you.

Since the implications of events often encountered in these areas of law can be so severe, it is crucial to seek the support of a professional. While going it alone is an option, it is rarely wise and can open you and your family up to the potential for even more unfortunate events. Additionally, whether attempting to recover from a family law event like the passing of a loved one or a contentious battle over elder law, or having suffered from a severe injury yourself, the top priority is healing both yourself and your family. Let a seasoned and experienced Family Law Attorney or Personal Injury Lawyer take the reigns. You can focus on what’s important while getting the peace of mind that you have laid the best possible foundation for success.

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Personal Injury

Whether you have found yourself injured due to an auto accident or simply the negligence of another, ensuring you find the best representation available in Valencia, CA, is essential. Especially since the events leading to the injury can leave one rattled and overwhelmed, having an experienced personal injury attorney by your side can offer a wide range of benefits.

Unfortunately, even minor mistakes and missteps made throughout the process can lead to much less favorable circumstances as the case progresses, potentially devaluing or altogether discrediting your case. Additionally, since the insurance company will almost always become involved, you will be at a significant disadvantage against their ruthless and aggressive attorneys without representation of your own.

Elder Abuse & Neglect

Entrusting the care of a loved one to another can be an incredibly challenging decision, especially if they are unable or have a hard time taking care of themselves. Especially in cases where it is a parent or elderly family member, the decision to send them to a care facility can be challenging and even scary considering the countless stories of abuse or mistreatment at the hands of those who were tasked with their care.

From malnourishment to emotional and even direct physical abuse, this despicable treatment of the elderly should no longer go unnoticed or unpunished. Ensuring those responsible are held accountable is critical, if only to prevent such tragedies from occurring to others who are in equally vulnerable positions. However, nursing homes are notoriously legally well-equipped, so seeking the help of a seasoned elder abuse attorney with experience in the Valencia area is paramount.

At Lustgarten Law, we take pride in holding those accountable for such despicable acts responsible and ensuring the victim of such acts get the compensation they deserve to begin the recovery and healing process. Do not let such acts go unnoticed any longer, and call to schedule an initial consultation.

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Lustgarten Law, whether your situation stems from a horrific injury from an accident or facing the devastation of an impending breakup of a relationship, you can rely on our advice, support, and expertise to get you through this distressing time.

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What To Do If You Believe You Have A Personal Injury Claim

Personal Injury Claim
Whether you have been involved in a car accident, slip-and-fall case, or any other event which has left you injured and confused, it is time to seek the help of an attorney. However, at Lustgarten Law, we understand that these situations are often overwhelming, and some of the most critical decisions are made in the minutes and hours following the event itself. While already having a relationship with an attorney that you can call immediately ideal, this is not always the case. The first step in any situation is to ensure that you and any other parties involved are okay. Then, if severely injured, call the police and emergency medical personnel as quickly as possible.

However, as soon as you are able, contact Lustgarten Law in Valencia, CA, to make the rest of the process more straightforward, and ensure all considerations are made to ensure your case can be successful as possible. From seeking prompt medical attention to knowing how to talk to the insurance company, there are many pitfalls to avoid as you focus on recovering. So, let a personal injury claims attorney help you, and call Al Lustgarten to get started today!

Let Lustgarten Law Help YOU!

Navigating any legal issue can be overwhelming, but it can seem next to impossible when you’re dealing with matters that hit so close to home, like family law, personal injury, or any other issues discussed previously. Regardless of the situation, Lustgarten Law in Valencia, CA, is your go-to resource for personal injury, elder abuse, estate litigation or probate. However, the first step in any situation is calling our office to schedule an initial consultation. During this meeting, we will discuss your current predicament, the possible option in getting it resolved, and the most practical next steps to take. So, don’t hesitate and call today to get started.

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